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Guyana is know for its vibrant culture, hard-working people and resource-rich landscape.


Guyana Country Profile

Located on the Northeastern coast of South America, the English-speaking country of Guyana is home to a population of nearly 800,000 people. Known for its vibrant culture, hard-working people and resource-rich landscape, Guyana is quickly becoming a hub for international investment.

Guyana is an established democratic nation that is a member of the Commonwealth with English as it’s official language. Guyana is a mining friendly jurisdiction with a Government that provides support to the mining industry on many levels. It is recognized for its significant endowment of natural resources. Gold has historically accounted for a significant percentage of the nation’s exports where gold production totaled more than 625,000 ounces in 2019.

  • English speaking; British law
  • Democratic government; Commonwealth member
  • Established Mining Act
  • Region of economical gold deposits
  • Favorable mining laws & Government support
  • Gold represents 35% of Guyana’s exports

Investing in the Future

Guyana has a long history of resource investment, but recently there has been a resurgence of interest in the country from large international firms. Currently, there are over 25 mining companies active in Guyana as well as large-scale oil producers like Exxon Mobil, who are investing heavily in Guyana’s infrastructure and workforce. This economic renaissance has led the IMF to rate Guyana as the fastest growing economy in the world, and its GDP of US$3.5 billion is expected to triple within the next five years.

Mining in Guyana

Guyana is situated in the heart of the Guiana Shield — a 1.7 billion-year-old geological formation that shares much of its geological makeup with the West African Shield. The Guiana Shield has been a target for gold prospectors for decades and holds an estimated 140 million ounces of gold. The mining sector has been a major piece of Guyana’s history, and its democratically elected government has long held a pro-mining stance, encouraging investment in the responsible extraction of natural resources through a stable Mining Act. Omai is once again a major part of this investment with plans to re-establish the Omai gold mine.

Tassawini Project

The Tassawini Gold Project (or the “Property”) is an advanced stage gold project located approximately 175 kilometers to the northwest of the capital city of Georgetown, in Guyana, South America. Significant previous work has been performed on the property since 2004 by previous owners and there is excellent potential to expand the defined gold mineralization.


  • Advanced stage project totaling 3,413 acres (1,381 ha) in size.
  • $34M in historical expenditures with mineralization open in several directions.
  • Established infrastructure including work camp, a commercial airstrip, and river docking facilities.
  • Mining permit issued in 2021 and renewable every 5 years.
  • 47,509 meters of drilling in 1,279 core and reverse circulation drill holes; extensive trenching; metallurgical testing; geophysics and mapping.

Puruni Gold Project

The Puruni Gold Property (“Puruni” or “the Property”) is located approximately 250 kilometers southwest of Georgetown, the capital of Guyana.


  • 2259 hectares (5584 acres)
  • The Property can be reached by road (arriving as close as the Peters Mine), helicopter, or river boat with a gravel road from the mouth of the Mazaruni River passing within a few hundred meters of the Property.
  • The Property consists of five (5) Mining Permits – Medium Scale (MP) and one (1) Prospecting Permit – Medium Scale (PPMS) totalling in area 23 km2 (approx. 5600 Acres).
  • The Permits are traversed by the Puruni River in the Mazaruni Mining District No. 3, Guyana, N.T.S. Sheet Puruni -26 SW.
  • Exploration project with previous work including soil and rock sampling, trenching, and limited drilling

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